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John Spence

The career of recording and mastering engineer John Spence began in 1981. After playing guitar with bands during the 1970s, followed by two years experience on a touring concert PA system working with (among others) The Blues Band, Bad Manners, Southern Death Cult, Sex Gang Children and Geno Washington, John moved into studio work and quickly gained a reputation as a skilful and patient engineer.

His induction into the recording profession was by no means conventional; early clients included The Sisters of Mercy, The Three Johns, March Violets and The Mekons, all of whose influence helped to fashion John’s approach to making records.

Through the eighties his client list expanded to include  The Revillos, John Parr (two albums featuring amongst others The Phoenix Horns) and in 1988 John recorded the seminal “Bummed” album by Happy Mondays working alongside the late legendary producer Martin Hannet. Since 1989 John has enjoyed a creative and inspiring relationship with Bill Nelson (Bebop Deluxe/Red Noise). With Bill as producer John has recorded and mixed albums for international artists such as Roger Eno, Kate St.John, Yumiko Morioka, Nautilus Pompelius and Channel Light Vessel as well as Bill’s own “Practically Wired” and “After the Satellite Sings” albums.

Continuing through the nineties credits included arranging, programming and performing with The Giantkillers (MCA Records), three albums with The Toy Dolls (Trojan Records), recording and mixing albums by Lolita no.18 and Gilcover and the Monkey for Sony Records Japan and various projects with The Beautiful South. John also recorded and mixed John Parr's albums “Man with a Vision” and “Under Parr”.
John’s work with progressive rock bands Castanarc (four albums) and Mostly Autumn clearly show that he is adept at recording big productions which include choirs and string sections. In 2018 John completed work on recording, mixing and mastering Mostly Autumn's 16th studio album “White Rainbow”.

The last few years have seen many of the above artists return to work with John as well as projects with Paul Heaton, The Glitter Band and several emerging bands and artists such as  Crooked Weather, Ryan Mosleh, Hillbilly Troupe, SPR 10 & Soulway. He has also  recorded and produced albums for Martyn Barker as well as mixing two live albums for Bill Nelson.
Recent productions for Mostly Autumn and Nick Rooke are currently being well reviewed.

2019 has seen John working on exciting new projects at Fairview with clients Nick Rooke, Bernie Laverick and Last Bastions Of Bohemia to name but a few and July saw him producing a session in Abbey Road Studio 2 for Martyn Barker's Tea band.
John is looking forward to finding new and interesting artists and bands to produce in 2020 as well as welcoming back long standing friends and clients.

John Spence's vast experience and Fairview's long standing reputation are the reasons that clients continually return to the studio. This is the highest compliment that can be paid to him and he gratefully acknowledges their support.

John is a freelance recording and mastering engineer with many years experience and a thorough working knowledge of recording technology. Visit him at and on Facebook at
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